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Tracy vs Peggy

This intense fight between two skillful girlfighters has began as "bottomless vs nude" one, but soon one of fighters make a lesson of how to deal with bottomless opponent...

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Tags: SOFTSTYLE, M/M, bottomless/nude vs nude, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle), belly beating, cuntbusting, brutal finishing, gym.


Linda vs Monica

These two fighters differ from each other in many things: body constitution, hair color, fighting style, even fighting clothes. But both of them love to have some action at a virgin land of northern lakes and forests...


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Tags: SOFTSTYLE/HARDSTYLE, F/F, topless/nude, sportstyle (boxing/kickboxing/freestyle), belly beating, cuntbusting, nature.


Xenia Rainbow vs Jennifer

If two skillful and aspiring female fighters want to make softstyle fight action, it will be not pure softstyle as final product. It will be some splendid action with many throws, high kicks, intense bellybeating and more thing You love at Lynxfight!


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Tags: SOFTSTYLE, F/F, topless/bikini, sportstyle (taekwondo/freestyle/sambo), belly beating, brutal finishings.


Anette vs Magda

Two sporty girls - Anette and Magda in intense gym action! More experienced Anette can easy and quickly finish this fight, but she decided to have some "cat vs mouse" game... See what was a result of such tactics!


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Tags:  SOFTSTYLE, F/F, topless/nude, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle), belly beating, cuntbusting.


Foxy vs Agatha

Physical power or fighting technique? Mighty strikes or swift & flexible moves? Blondie or brunette? All these questions will find answers during this fight - intense duel between mighty Foxy and swift Agatha!


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Tags: SOFTSTYLE, F/F, topless/nude, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle), belly attacks, throws, face strikes, body kicks.



Jess vs Agatha.

Jessica seems to be really invincible fighter - neither experience, nor fighting skills, even nor physical power preference of her rivals can stop her champion ascension! Only very risky girl can challenge her... And we have one! Agatha - young talent with brilliant fighting technique and great ambitions!


You can buy it here - https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79931/11080857/lynxfight-jessica-vs-agatha

Tags: F/F, nude vs topless, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle), tummy punching, brulal cuntbusting, facekicking, VERY brutal finishing.


Jess vs Foxy.

Watching Jess' fights I can say she aspire to be first and only champion - she has defeated more trained and experienced girls with no chance for them. But what if her next rival will have obviously more physical power? Let's see the fight between the power of body and the power of aspiring!


You can buy it here - https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79931/11084477/lynxfight-jessica-vs-foxy

Tags: F/F, nude vs bottomless, sportstyle (kickboxing/sambo/freestyle), belly beating, cuntbusting, facepunching, gutbusting, brutal finishing.


Anjelika vs Jessica.

Anjelika seems to be a most trained and skilled of all Lynxfight models. Well, I was sure she's a best girl fighter I seen ever... Before this fight. I think her self-confidence in a fighting abilities plays against her - and she finished this fight with a incredible suffer leading her to pain-knockout.

Tags: F/F, nude, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle/sambo), facebusting, incredible cuntbusting, belly beating, extremely brutal finishing.


Anette vs Jessica.

Can a newbie girl show some fair results in a fight versus more experienced one? Well, when I see Jess first time, I was impressed by her beauty, but not by her sports condition. But then she enters the gym, I 've changed my mind about her fighting abilities faster then I can imagine...

Tags: F/F, nude, sportstyle (kickboxing/karate/freestyle), high kicks, facebusting, cuntbusting, belly attacking, brutal trick, gym.


2 vs 1, part2. Sweet revenge. Anjelika & Anette vs Leopard.

Last fight had proofed a naked truth about that two fighters are better than one... commonly. But what if "one" is not so alone? See the continue of 1 vs 2 fight on a summer lake coast!
Tags: F/M/F, 2 vs 1, nude vs non-nude, sportstyle
(capoeira/kickboxing/karate), throws, facebusting, belly busting, very brutal finishing, nature.


2 vs 1, part 1. Eve vs Anjelika & Anette.

What can be better than a training session at a summer lake coast? All was fine untill Eve imprudently say about her ability to fight versus several foes. Of course, Anjelika & Anette have demanded an immediate proof...

Tags: F/F, 2 vs 1, nude, sportstyle (capoeira/kickboxing/karate), high kicks, cuntbusting, facebusting, belly beating, throws, brutal finishing, nature.


Anjelika vs Nastya Light.

The eternal question is: who are better - blondies or dark-haired? You can try to get an answer watching this intence three-rounds action where both models are full of courage, fighting skills and beauty!

Tags: F/F, belly beating, sport style (capoeira), cuntbusting, high kicks, nude, facebusting, brutal finishing, gym.


Leopard vs Ninella.

These fighters really hate each other and want to wipe the rival to the dust! They have not a patience just to be together in one gym, so no mercy is shown in this fight! Kicks to the head and belly, hitting the mat by enemy's body, preventing the opponent to rise after fall - all of it in this incredible action!

Tags: mixed wrestling, nude vs non-nude, belly beating, facebusting, throws, gym.


Sabina vs The Bear. Martial art fight.

He is an ex-soldier of elite force. She is a regional sport-fighting champion. Both want to prove an advantage of own fighting and training system.  He is twice heavier, but she is much younger and swift...

Tags: mixed fight, nude vs topless, cuntbusting, ballbusting, sport style (tai-chi kung-fu/kickboxing/taekwondo), throws, nature.


Velena vs Ninella. Training fight.

When Ninella declared her wish to be one of our models, the opinions about her ability to fight divided. So to understand what Ninella is as a fighter, and to give her some lesson, Velena had challenged her to have a fun in a gym...

Tags: F/F, nude, cuntbusting, gym, mirror, redhead vs blondie, brutal finishing.


Sabina vs Velena. Naked fists and naked body.

What if one fighter is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and power of another one is in great fighting spirit? While Sabina is a champion of region in some sportive fighting disciplines, trained by famous teachers with professional methods, Velena's technique is sharped by fighting on a street of dangerous city district. Punches, kicking, throws - all of it are used in naked body and naked fists contest.

Tags: F/F, nude vs topless, sport style (kickboxing/taekwondo), cuntbusting, tits beating, gutsbusting, redhead vs brunette, nature.


Taisha vs the Wolf. Heavyweight fight.

Have you ever heard a phrase "Blood, sweat and tears"? Well, blood is not our style, but what we can promise is a fight under the July sun on a coast of beatiful forest lake. So sweat, tears and water are the things you will see a lot in a fight of heavyweight Wolf against heavybreasted Taisha! Don't think they can't fight continiously in a such conditions - both of them use very intensive kickboxing technique to achieve a victory!

Tags: mixed fight, nude, sport style (boxing/kickboxing), ballbusting, aquafight, brutal finishing, big tits, nature.



Agatha vs Felix rematch

Hardstyle in mixed fight in a best way it can be made! Agatha is the only girl who can fight a male opponent as equal, so this fight is VERY tough! Sounds of this clip is natural, without music. Strongly recommended to HARDSTYLE lovers!

Tags: HARDSTYLE, M/F, topless, sportstyle (kickboxing/freestyle/grappling), belly beating, cuntbusting, brutal finishing, gym.