Question: can you make a demanded video by my request?

Answer: of course we can. You can demand us to make a video of femfight or mixed wrestling content of any sort, the restriction is only about the elements that are not allowed by laws of our and your country. We can choose models to take part in a demanded video, by your request we can give you more widely list of models than you can see in "our models" section of our site. If you wish, you can give us a script of fighting event you want to see - we'll make it. To make your dreams come true, just contact us by "contact us" page of our site.



Question: How frequently the materials of the site are updating?

Answer: We plan to make one or two updates at a month, but it depends on how much material we can make. To make more material, it exists a need in some finances. So, the frequency of updating depends only to your activity as a members.



Question. Can we download your materials to our computer?

Answer. Of course, if it is not illegal in your country, state or community. But note, what any publishing or sale of our products will be rated as a violation of copyright, so you can watch it yourself, but not give it to anyone or publish it somewhere without our permission.


Question: Are the fights you make real or fictive?

Answer: All fights we make are semi-real, or semi-fictive. if say another way. The most part of fighting moves, including throws, kicks and punches is real, but made by professionals who can dodge a serios damage and use a hidden support of partner. But do not try to do such tricks yourself. All KO's are fully fictive.